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PBA50 Regional @ Oxford , PA.

Updated: Mar 22

This being my first regional of the season , to be honest I wasn't expecting much , I'm battlling injuries , it's hard to stay 100% physically , I almost withdrew the day before , reluctantly I went , official practice I was in pain , called my wife , decided to see how much more I could take. Well let's just say the rest is History !! Pain was managable and it was an awesome weekend. Just like always I had a "game plan" for the next day , qualifying 8 games , based on practice. I really didn't see the lane the way I should have. My scores were up n down. Maybe I was distracted a bit , because it was cool to see my PBA Banner on lanes 1 - 2 ( which was ironically where I had myt worst game of the block lol ). For those of you who aren't aware , a PBA Banner , signifies a PBA Champion ... so since last March 2023 I had been looking forward to see my name on a banner with the other past Champions !!

I finished my block tied for 4th on the squad , decent , but I knew I had more , just not sure how I was going to do it. I know that our Squad Leader Ryan Shafer , completely mashed em and lead the field by like 200 pins , he shot 820 his first 3 games and obvioiusly besides bowling awesome had a very good look. He used urethane the first 3 or 4 games then changed to reactive. I felt that straighter was the way for me to consider for the next day in the advancer round. Just how would I match up to it ? I decided to watch the first 2 games of the next squad to try and pick up some info also ... lunch can wait lol. Be back ... pro shop is calling !!!

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