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Drilling Appointments

Bowling Season is BACK !!
I’m sure after seeing the hours of our pro shop you will see that we are available quite a lot to fit most all schedules.
Those looking for a weekday mid-morning appointment to get a ball drilled please inquire as this could be an option.
Email Bill Rowe directly at

Ball Demo = Huge Success

Wow … Is all I can say to Describe how I feel on the turnout and the success of the Track / Columbia / Hammer / Ebonite (4) Brand Ball Demo that I hosted at Burlington Bowl.

A big thank you to Dave Perovich representing BUFFA … Joe Ciach (EBI Staffer ) who provided technical information on the (12) Demo Balls … and also to Burlington Bowl for working with me to co-ordinate this event.

I sold out at (25) but had a few xtra show up and we let them participate … next time “reservations” are highly recommended !!

Hammer Scandal , Track Heat , Hammer Dark Legend , Ebonite GameBreaker2MVP and the Columbia Swerve FX were the most popular sellers.

Thank You Everyone who participated.
Bill Rowe