Clean your ball … maybe you’ll shoot 300 ???

Funny story today in the pro shop I thought I would share with you all.  A customer comes in to the pro shop today who’s interested in purchasing a new ball.  So I ask him to get a lane and go throw a few balls so I can watch his style etc and find his PAP ( posative axis point ).   He throws the first shot … ball comes back … I trace his track … then put a piece of tape on his axis … he throws the second and third shots and the tape is very stable … so the PAP is bang on … so now I leave and come to the pro shop to determine his PAP co-ordinates …. after doing so I clean the yellow pencil marks off the ball with some PowerHouse Clean n Dull … his ball is a Storm Victory Road and is not polished so this gel like cleaner really cleans up balls with no polish … so after cleaning the ball on the ball spinner … it’s real “tacky” … so I go back to the bowler and give him the ball … he throws it and says WOW that moves a little more now … I have not cleaned it since I got it … and I’ve bowled say 50 games or so ??  He continues to practice on the lanes.  About 15 minutes he comes into the pro shop … with a nice smile on his face … and says what did you use to clean that ball ??  So I ask why ?  Is everything ok ?  He says Bill … I just shot 300 !!  Hey cleaning your ball doesn’t hurt !!  Sometimes it can help !!  and sometimes you might just shoot 300 … but hey I am not going to go out on a limb and promise that one !!

Bowl Well Everyone .